The Runnymede Hotel Berkshire

Foodsafe Flooring

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Materials used

Robex Foodsafe Quartz flooring Installed at 3-4 mm.

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Work undertaken

The floor in the Breakfast Buffet kitchen had become unsightly and basically not fit for purpose. The hotel decided they did not want to remove the existing tiles.

Robex used specialist preparation equipment to fully grind the tiles prior to application of the Foodsafe Quartz flooring.

Once all the preparation was complete, all tiles were checked to make sure the surface was sound. We then applied a special primer to help adhesion, followed by the resin body coat with a coloured quartz aggregate. This was followed by two sealer coats.


The Hotel was closed due to Covid -19. We completed the works over two days.


The Hotel now has a hygienic anti-slip resin floor system.

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