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Why the condition of your warehouse floor is important

Keeping your warehouse floor in good condition is vital for your business for a number of reasons. Find out the top four reasons why the condition of your warehouse floor is important:

1. Safety

To ensure a warehouse operates smoothly, it’s crucial to prepare the floor correctly. Floors that are uneven, chipped, or cracked can pose a tripping hazard for individuals and impede vehicle movement, which can hinder productivity. A well-prepared floor should be durable enough to endure daily wear and tear, as well as resistant to heat and chemicals. Additionally, it should resist chips and cracks when objects are accidentally dropped on it.

Using anti-slip coatings and boards will ensure the safety of your employees, especially in areas that may be prone to liquid spillages.

2. Designated areas

Clear and distinct markings on your warehouse floor can improve safety. When you display routes for vehicles, pedestrian pathways and crossings, storage areas, hazards, etc., you ensure that everyone is aware of potential dangers and understands when they must exercise caution. If your markings become faint or worn away due to regular usage, it may not be evident where the hazards are. A possible solution to avoid this is to use various colored floor coatings for each region. These coatings will not wear down as quickly as markings added to the floor after its installation.

3. Hygiene

In terms of hygiene, particularly in warehouses storing food, a well-maintained floor without any cracks or chips is essential. By applying an epoxy floor coating, you can achieve a seamless finish that prevents the buildup of dirt and germs. Furthermore, this type of flooring is effortless to clean and maintain, providing your warehouse with a sanitary surface that can last up to 20 years with proper upkeep.

4. Cost-effective

By investing in warehouse flooring that’s in good condition and has been properly laid, you will be saving your company money in the long run. A hard-wearing surface that’s suitable for heavy machinery use is less likely to get damaged, so will be less likely to need repairing. With chemical and heat resistance, spillages won’t damage the surface, and the flooring will be easy to clean and maintain. When properly looked after, our durable flooring can last for between 10 and 20 years, delivering a great return on investment!


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20 Sep 2019

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