Health & Safety Line Marking

Toe the line

The health and safety of customers, staff and visitors is a priority and HSE requirements state that you must clearly mark potentially hazardous areas in factories and warehouses to ensure everyone is safe and aware of their environment. It is also a legal requirement to keep pedestrians at bay, line markings help mark safe areas where people will walk and not get caught in between machinery and vehicles. ‘Stop’ signs, directional arrows and pedestrian crossings minimise risks and prevent potential incidents helping to avoid the consequences of a health and safety breach.

Choosing the right lines

Robex epoxy resin and resin line markings provide a range of options that can be tailored to suit and are perfect for areas that are likely to become wet or contaminated with foodstuffs or chemicals. Areas that require an anti-slip finish can be accommodated or perhaps a smoother more easily cleaned finish is required.

Management of traffic levels

Traffic levels can be high in warehouses and line markings are important to keep the traffic at bay. The installation of separate line markings to make routes for high, medium, and low traffic ensure the safe movement of vehicles and people around your premises.

Keeping it tidy

Line markings keep warehouses clean and tidy. You can mark out areas individually with lines to separate walkways and storage, stock keeping or mark lines to maintain hygiene.

Keeping it simple

Simple lines can be marked out to create areas to store machinery, pallets, or other items. Hatched and ‘No Entry’ markings as well as straight forward specifying boundaries around these storage areas to keep employees away from certain areas can help improve the way your business operates.


Robex line marking solutions can be installed both inside and outside withstanding varying weather conditions helping to maintain workplace efficiency and safety outside too.


Epoxy resin and resin line markings can be quickly installed. Our expert installation teams work 24-hours, seven days a week to ensure minimal disruption to your business

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18 Mar 2022

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