How to fix a leaky roof with resin

Resin is an ideal material for fixing roof leaks. It is long-lasting and waterproof and can be applied to the majority of building surfaces. As a liquid, it is flexible enough to be used in even the most awkward of spaces, and in the case of small repairs, it can be easily applied with just a paintbrush. And with a choice of colours available, it’s easy to match the colour with your roof to ensure a seamless repair.

You can use resin such as RX Fibre Fill that is reinforced with fibres that, while waterproof, will still allow the substrate to breathe. Fibre Fill resin is suitable for most repairs and can be used to coat small- or medium-sized flat roofs.

Alternatively, an abrasion-resistant resin such as Deckmaster offers a non-slip surface that protects substrates such as concrete, timber, masonry and steel. As it’s tough enough to be used on car park decks, it’s going to provide a strong membrane for your roof repair.

Materials needed

After cleaning the area that requires repair and applying a primer, a coat of resin can be applied, on top of which a sealer coat can be applied to provide extra protection. Combined, they give a seamless solution that offers long-term protection.

Signs you have a leak

It may be difficult to spot a leak in your commercial roof before much damage has been done. Obviously the earlier you find and repair it, the cheaper and less disruptive the repair work will be, so here are a few warning signs to look out for.

Stains – discolouration on a ceiling or wall is a sign of water damage. The staining is a result of an accumulation of water, so needs to be investigated as soon as you notice it to prevent it getting worse.

Smell – a bad odour is a sign that there could be hidden mould. As mould thrives in moist environments, its presence is an indication of a leak.

Drips – no one could fail to notice water dripping through the ceiling, so if you need to place a bucket out to catch drips every time it rains, you need to repair your roof, urgently!

Maintenance checks

One of the best things to do to minimise the potential for damage is to make regular inspections of your commercial roof to assess whether there is damage. Leaks can be caused by damage to the roof itself, wear and tear, weather conditions, and damage and corrosion to roof lights and windows, and they can also result from flooding caused by blocked gutters.

By implementing regular inspections and maintenance work, and carrying out small repairs as and when they’re required, you could increase the lifespan of your commercial roof by a decade or more. Get in touch today!

28 Oct 2020

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