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Best flooring for a warehouse

So, what is the best solution for Warehouse flooring?

Warehouse flooring needs to be extremely hard-wearing in order to withstand heavy traffic. Many warehouses are operational 24/7 with pallets being moved around by trucks and forklifts which means that many flooring options aren’t suitable.

Resin flooring provides a strong, long-lasting surface that can withstand industrial use in almost all service conditions, making it the perfect choice for warehouse floors.

Why is resin flooring ideal for warehouses?


Applied in liquid form, resin flooring will cover your existing substrate and provide a seamless, smooth finish. Preparation when applying any coating is paramount. We professionally prepare all surfaces using vacuum assisted diamond headed grinding machines.

These methods of preparation are the best and most effective methods to remove any weak, loose, or friable laitance from the surface whilst providing a mechanical ‘key’ for the resin coating to adhere to. With the vacuum assistance on each machine, it is a 95% dust free operation. Robex resin flooring systems are rapid curing, and our installation teams work overnight at weekends and over Bank Holidays in order to get the job done with minimal disruption to your business.

Longevity and durability

Resin flooring has excellent abrasion and impact-resistance, meaning it is far less likely to suffer damage, even with the heavy traffic associated with warehouse activities. You can expect the flooring to last between 10 and 20 years before it needs replacing, making it a great investment. Any minor repairs are quick and easy to complete without compromising the seamless nature of your flooring.


Resin flooring is seamless which makes it very easy to keep clean. As it has excellent abrasion and impact-resistance, it is far less likely to suffer the damage or cracking that would provide space for dirt to accumulate and germs to thrive. This is essential in the pharmaceutical and food industry.


Resin flooring is available with an anti-slip finish providing excellent slip-resistant properties even when the floor is wet. All of our anti-slip flooring systems have great Pendulum Slip Test Values (PTV). The BS 7976 Pendulum is the preferred test method of the UK Regulator (the HSE).


You may not be concerned about design when it comes to choosing new warehouse flooring. But you can use different colours to help organise your warehouse space and, most importantly, to keep your staff and visitors safe. Use different coloured resin flooring to mark out walkways and crossings and demarcate different storage areas. Whatever the colours you choose or the layout you need, you will always get the same seamless finish as you would with a simple monochrome floor.

It looks great!

With different colours and different finishes available, including gloss, your resin flooring will always look great! Something which will impress clients and visitors, at the same time as giving your staff a nicer work environment.

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Robex Contracting
22 Nov 2021

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