Responsibilities for contractors

When investing in new flooring you want to use a contractor who will ensure a high-quality floor that is long-lasting and durable. You need a flooring contractor who understands the products and knows how to use them, so you need to be sure they take responsibility for all aspects of their work.

Conduct a site survey

The flooring contractor must carry out a site survey. This is to ensure the correct product is used and it is an opportunity to assess what floor preparation needs to be done and what floor preparation equipment will be needed. Your contractor should be able to give a timetable of when the flooring will be completed. They must be able to oversee the project from start to finish and give you the name and contact details of the person in overall control of the process, so you always have a point of contact who can be contacted easily.

Floor preparation

Good floor preparation is key to a long-lasting durable finish, otherwise, it is likely the floor coating will fail. It is worth knowing if the flooring contractor uses an in-house team or subcontracts to another firm, and also if the flooring contractor is using the correct equipment for the job. For full accountability and control, we use our own in-house team and our own equipment. Flooring preparation often needs to be done with diamond-headed, vacuum-assisted grinding equipment to ensure the substrate is dry, level, clean and dust-free.

Applying the floor

A flooring contractor must know the products well enough to ensure they are applied correctly and to a high standard, using the correct equipment and applying the correct number of coats to the floor. This also means they should be able to give you detailed advice on how to maintain and clean the floor properly.

Correct documentation

Your flooring contractor must be able to ensure all of their work complies with health and safety regulations. If the work comes with a guarantee, then they must also supply you with certificates and any other relevant paperwork, e.g. RAMS and safety data sheets.

At Robex we offer a fully integrated service where we manufacture, supply and apply our own products. Our flooring experts take responsibility for the project from start to finish, ensure it is completed on time and that you will always have a single point of contact. We can guarantee the flooring will be completed to a high standard and create a schedule of work which does not interfere with or disrupt your business.

We have many case studies demonstrating that we can complete flooring jobs overnight or at the weekend, in order to guarantee a successful outcome without disrupting business as usual.

8 Jan 2020

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