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Why choose epoxy floor coatings

Epoxy floor coatings offer a number of advantages over other flooring materials. They provide safe, durable and long-lasting coverage with a non-slip waterproof coating. Which is why they’re used in public areas and car parks, and across all industries. These qualities also make them the perfect choice for manufacturing and industrial plants and catering facilities. Here are the main reasons why to choose epoxy floor coatings:


Epoxy coatings can be applied over the top of damaged surfaces without the need to carry out extensive repairs first. The coating bonds with the substrate to provide a tough and durable finish.

Epoxy floor coatings are hard-wearing and resilient, with the ability to resist impacts and chipping, making them great for heavy traffic areas in busy industrial and manufacturing settings. Chemical and acid resistant options are also available.


Epoxy floor coatings enable you to provide a safer working environment with the addition of non-slip surfaces.

Antibacterial sealants ensure they are ideal for food, drink and pharmaceutical preparation areas.

Easy to clean and maintain

Their heat and water resistance makes them great for industries where hot liquids are likely to be spilt, e.g. kitchens.

They are dust-proof which makes them easy to clean.

An epoxy floor coating has excellent waterproofing qualities which makes them difficult to stain; even cooking and motor oils can be easily wiped off of this type of waterproof coating.


Epoxy floors are much more attractive than a cement floor, helping you make a good impression on visitors and clients, as well as making the working environment more pleasant for your employees.

They also give you options to choose different colours. You can use the variety of colours available to differentiate working areas, safety zones or designated walkways, or just choose one colour to make the workplace look more cheerful!

Quick to install

Installation of epoxy floor coatings is a straightforward process that does not take long. With our self-levelling, quick-drying coatings and flexibility to work at weekends or overnight. We will install your new floor without the need for your company to have any break in business.

Value for money

An epoxy floor coating offers protection that will last for many years for a very cost-effective price. And with minimal maintenance, you will get even more value for money.

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Robex Contracting
29 Mar 2019

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