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Installation of RX Superfast PV-Flake to service corridor

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Installation of RX Superfast PV-Flake to service corridor (London-based project)

Materials Used

RX Superfast PV-Flake


Leisure facilities
Retail outlets
Universities, schools, and colleges
Healthcare facilities
Offices and commercial buildings


Rapid installation reducing client downtime
Decorative finish available in a range of colours
UV Resistant
Excellent chemical and stain resistance
Optional coving

Work undertaken

The process began with the removal of all defective vinyl flooring. In order to achieve an almost dust-free operation, diamond grinding machines were used with the aid of vacuum technology to mechanically prepare the floor. The RX Superfast PV-Flake was applied at a thickness of 4mm.


The completion of the project required nighttime work, with each section needing to be cured by 5am the next day. Preparations was undertaken late in the evening, followed by the installation of the resin throughout the night. The entire project spanned over five nights.


The hotel has been provided with a new resin floor that will provide many years of service.

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