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How to choose the perfect commercial resin flooring for your business

Commercial resin flooring screeds provide a smooth, seamless finish and are hard-wearing and durable. With a life expectancy of between 10 and 20 years, it makes it incredible value for money. It is applied in liquid form which means any damage to the flooring is easily be repaired, without losing the overall seamless finish. There are different types of resin, so choosing the perfect commercial flooring for your business depends on your company’s activities.

While all resin flooring is strong, there are differences in products that make them better suited to certain uses. We also produce a range of additional floor coatings such as our range of non-slip and chemical resistant coatings. They provide extra protection for your staff and help to ensure your flooring is better protected against accidental damage.

Resins are a perfect replacement for your old floor, whether it is concrete, tiles or especially vinyl flooring in commercial kitchens. With minimal preparation, the resin is be poured over your existing flooring, and once dry, will form a level, seamless finish. When dry, the flooring will be damp proof, and it will offer good abrasion and chemical resistance.

Epoxy resin flooring

The RXEP Hi-Build 500 and RXEP Liquid Floortile 3000 are high performance coatings and self-levellers. Used by a wide variety of organisations such as warehousing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical and food processing plants. It is also found in breweries, abattoirs, factories, workshops, showrooms, canteens, healthcare premises and leisure centres, etc. Because the resin screeds offer hard-wearing surfaces that are easy to clean.

Resin floor screeds

Resin floor screeds such as the RXPU 6290 and Foodsafe Quartz are even stronger than the epoxy resin coatings and self-levellers. It makes them ideal for areas that experience heavy traffic or need greater resistance to abrasion, impacts, chemicals, and thermal shocks. The surfaces provide excellent slip resistance even in wet conditions. The are easy to clean with detergents and hot water, and is even withstand aggressive cleaning with extreme heat, such as steam cleaning. Their chemical resistance makes them ideal for pharmaceutical and chemical plants, and the Foodsafe Quartz flooring is specifically designed for use in food processing plants and commercial kitchens. It can even be installed in sub-zero temperatures which makes it ideal for walk-in freezers.

Colours and line marking

Different coloured resin flooring play a useful role in keeping your staff safe. Different colours are used to indicate different activity areas, such as zones for specific materials, pedestrian walkways and crossing points. It is also a huge benefit in busy warehouses and car parks, and allergen-free zones in commercial kitchens. Alternatively, use your brand colours or just a colour you like. Just because it’s commercial flooring, it doesn’t have to be boring!

We help you find the perfect seamless flooring for every area of your commercial premises, regardless of use. Robex resin flooring screed is quick drying and our expert installation teams are happy to work overnight and at weekends. This will result in minimal disruption to your business. Contact us to find out more or get your FREE quote!

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1 Sep 2021

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