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Why you should choose a resin floor

There are many reasons why you should choose a resin floor for your premises. Not only because it provides a seamless and hygienic finish that is easy to clean and maintain our resin flooring systems are hard-wearing, but heat and scratch-resistant and also have excellent chemical resistance, meaning it will look great for longer.

Our resin flooring systems are rapid curing, and we can carry out installations at a time that suits you – indeed, we work overnight and during anti-social hours for many clients which ensures minimal disruption and your business continues to trade as usual.

Here are our Top 5 reasons why resin flooring would be perfect for your premises.


Resin flooring is extremely durable and hard-wearing with a life expectancy of up to 20 years and therefore cost-effective. Installing epoxy flooring will prove a good return on your investment.


Resin flooring has a seamless professional finish and can be installed as an anti-slip if required.


Our resin flooring comes in many attractive colours and bespoke if required to match company logos and colour schemes.

Easy to clean

Resin flooring is extremely easy to clean. Thanks to its smooth, seamless finish, daily sweeping will keep it looking flawless and weekly washing will keep it hygienic and attractive.

Line Markings

Resin floor installations can include line-markings using multiple colours, designs and symbols as required.

We provide specialist floor contracting services throughout the UK. Contact us to find out more about the best resin flooring solutions on the market and get a free quote.

Robex Contracting
10 Mar 2021

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